Love – beyond words

Materials: paper, card, Japanese paper, ribbon

Technique: calligraphy, paper folding, glued book construction

Size: 8 x 8 cm

Description: This book contains quotations which explore the notion that love is too deep an emotion to be expressed in words. The heart emblem is universally recognised as a non-verbal symbol for love, so the pages of this book are shaped to reinforce this concept. The book is created in shades of pink, a colour which conjures images of love and romance, without the need for words.


Displayed at “Straight from the Heart” at West End in 2009.
Selected for the “ArtBound” exhibition in Glebe and printed in the catalogue in 2011.
Exhibited in “Finely Bound” at the State Library of Qld in 2010/2011.


Love – between the lines

This  book is a variation in which the word love is echoed repeatedly between the spiral quotations.

Displayed at “Between the Lines” in Melbourne in 2009.

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