The Medium is the Message

Materials: printing ink, card, paper,

Technique: paper collage, calligraphy, text layout, concertina book construction

Size: 30 x 30 x 16

Description: Marshall McLuhan’s ‘Tetrad of Media Effects’ and his mantra of ‘the Medium is the Message (Massage)’ are portrayed in this tiered concertina book structure which symbolises the cyclical progression of textual knowledge in our global village. It represents the layers and levels of interpretation in the transition from traditional language to text messages.

The outer layer has quotes written in traditional English and also in SMS texting language. The middle layer has words about text (hand-lettered) and their definitions (type font). The central layer has information about Marshall McLuhan and his writings. All these layers sit on a base displaying McLuhan’s Tetrad (Enhancement, Retrieval, Obsolescence, Reversal).

Exhibited in “Boundless Books” in Geelong and “Text/Txt” in Melbourne in 2007.
Displayed at Scattered Arts in 2008.
Printed in “The Last Book” touring exhibition in Argentina in 2009, Switzerland in 2010 and USA in 2011.


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