Materials: gouache paint,, acrylic paint, inks, Canson card, mixed media

Technique: papermaking, paper collage, calligraphy, painting, figure 8 tying, book construction

Size: 40 x 32 cm (closed) 40 x 60 cm diameter (opened) 

Description: Ten artists from Australia and America were invited to join the Collaborative Book Project organised by Di Harris. Each artist decorated ten A4 pages, and these were then progressively passed to each of the other artists for further embellishment. The completed pages were then returned to their owner, and bound into a book. The ten books were first displayed at the Noosa ‘Books 2002’ exhibition, and have since been displayed in many galleries throughout Australia and USA.

For my pages I chose papers of ten different colours. I wrote in coloured pencils and stamped in toning hues, in the hope that the other artists would continue this rainbow theme (which mostly happened). I mounted each page in a black frame, and joined them so that the colours progress through the full colour spectrum when the pages are fanned out in a circle.


Displayed in “Collaborative Artists’ Books” in various galleries throughout Australia & USA (2002-2005)
Images printed in various magazines including “Kalligraphia” and “South Scribes Journal” (NZ) in 2002, “Letter Arts Review” (USA) and “Colophon” in 2003, “The Edge” (UK) in 2004, and Somerset Studio” (USA) in 2006.


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