Reconciliation – The Interwoven Vision (Breaking down the Barriers – Celebrating the Differences)

Materials: inks, boards, assorted papers, threads, fabrics

Technique: calligraphy, weaving, paper collage, concertina book construction

Size: 20 x 20 x 5 cm (closed); up to 20 x 100 x 30 cm (opened)


Description: When diametrically-opposed people first come into contact (different cultures, viewpoints, values, ages, abilities, genders) neither understands the others’ experiences and history, and so they do not readily interact. With greater association, each side can recognise superficial differences in the beliefs and lifestyles of the other group. Then differences amongst individual members of the other culture become apparent, causing each to appreciate, and even begin to take on board, some aspects of the other’s beliefs/stance. Tolerance and compromise blossom, at both the spiritual and the physical level, leading to full cooperation and recognition. However it is important to remain aware that differences still exist, and thus try not to smudge everything into an indeterminate grey melting pot.

This progression, from separation to reconciliation, is depicted in the pages of this book. The interweaving of the cultural differences can be viewed from either the ‘black’ or ‘white’ perspective, framed and restricted by our own cultural baggage. Although the interactions are the same, this background ‘colour’ can influence, and perhaps alter, our perception of the situation. Cultural and ideological differences in Australia are currently under intense scrutiny – Aboriginal/European; Christian/Muslim; young/old; rich/poor; physical and mental ability/disability. Let us hope that increasing empathy produces harmony and reconciliation, whilst at the same time preserving and celebrating the underlying basics of our individual and cultural differences. 




Selected for display in “Interwoven Vision” at Cooloola Shire Gallery in 2001 and Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha in 2002.
Exhibited in “ Queensland Bound” at the State Library of Qld and “Books 02” at Noosa Regional Gallery in 2002.
Displayed in Holland Park Library in 2002.
Exhibited in “A Passion for Paper” in Coffs Harbour and “An Evening of Art” in Brisbane in 2003.
Displayed in my solo exhibition “Colourful Language” at Gallery 119 in 2004, and in Corinda Library in 2004 and Toowong Library in 2004-5.
Exhibited at “Diversity on Display” at West End, and my solo exhibition “Colourful Language at Gallery 159 at The Gap in 2007.
Selected as a finalist in the Libris Award at Artspace Mackay in 2008.
Displayed at Annerley Library and Scattered Arts in 2008.
Exhibited in “Finely Bound” at the State Library of Qld in 2010/11, and in “Undercurrents” at Art Factory Gallery in 2011 in South Brisbane in 2011.
Exhibited in my solo exhibition “The Language of Nature I” exhibition at Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha in 2012 (read more information about this in my Residency Blog).
Printed in the 6 page article in “Down Under Textiles” (issue 13) in 2013.
Housed in the Australian Library of Art at Qld State Library, and available for viewing by request (ALAAB SMO).Click here for details.

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