Sculptural Works


Words on a page can appear flat and two dimensional - but in a sculptural form the meaning of those same words springs to life, right before your eyes.

These are just some of the works I have created.

Ways of Seeing

Materials: acrylic inks on board, fabric, paper, threads, yarns, beads, wire

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, felting, calligraphy, embroidery, applique, beading

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Coral Kaleidoscope

Materials: yarns, fabrics, felt, embroidery cottons, beads, found objects, paper, wire

Technique: crochet, beading, sewing

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Past – Present – Future

Materials: satin fabrics, embroidery cottons, ribbons, inks, beads

Technique:  cut-paper lettering design, calligraphy, embroidery, applique, beading, sewing

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Worry Beads for the Environment

Materials: hand-lettered words on black paper attached to spheres covered with natural-fibre papers

Technique: papermaking, paper collage, calligraphy

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Altering the Balance

Materials: ink, gouache, Camphor Laurel timber

Technique: calligraphy

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Wata & the Water Dragon Family

Materials: fabrics (Dragons); paper and photographs (Book)

Technique:  pattern designing, sewing (Dragons); photography, calligraphy,  book construction (Book)

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Food for Thought

Materials: paper made from banana, corn, ginger and blady grass, string. 

Technique: papermaking, paper collage

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The Inner Journey

Materials: waxed and dyed kozo paper, Japanese paper, ink, light box

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, calligraphy, dyeing, paper collage

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Scattered Offerings

Materials: photographs printed on 120gsm white paper, paper made from banana, corn and ginger

Technique: papermaking, photography, origami

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Imagine Peace

Materials: watercolour paper, inks 

Technique: calligraphy, origami

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Procrastination à la Mobius

Materials: natural fibre paper (Blady grass), lettering

Technique: papermaking, calligraphy

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Woven Words

Materials: calligraphy on paper, diagonal weave basket

Technique: calligraphy, basketry

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Mother Earth, Father Time

Materials: paper, yarns, hemp fabric, felt, cotton fabric, papers, ink 

Technique: papermaking, spinning, felting, calligraphy

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Knot the Flat Surface

Materials: aluminium wire, Nepalese Lokta paper

Technique: paper collage

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Inner Glow (Fragile Outer Shell)

Materials: egg-shaped lamp, hand-made Cyperus paper

Technique: papermaking, cut-paper lettering design, paper collage

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Hug Me Tight (Tree Huggers' Wisdom)

Materials: rope, calico fabric

Technique: lettering, knitting, crochet

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Woven Fragments

Materials: yarn, palm fibre, dyed raffia, acrylic ink, paper

Technique: basketry, dyeing, lettering

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Blossoming Potential

Materials: lettering on handmade natural fibre papers (banana; papyrus; corn husks)

Technique: papermaking, paper collage, lettering

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Banyan Balance

Materials: banana paper 

Technique: papermaking, paper cutting, lettering

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Alexandra – Palm Reader

Materials: palm fruiting stalk, banana paper and card

Technique:  basketry, book construction

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Naturally InSPIREd

Materials: handmade paper, plant fibres, fabrics, inks

Technique: paper making, paper collage, found objects, calligraphy

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Materials: handmade paper, plant fibres,fabrics, inks

Technique:  basketry, paper making, paper collage, found objects, calligraphy

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Sphere of Dreams

Materials: embroidery cottons, Merino  fleece

Technique: felting, embroidery

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Tea, Tea, Glorious Tea

Materials: paper, ink

Technique: papier mâché, dyeing, calligraphy

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Scribendi Cacoethes

Materials: clay

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, pottery

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In Three Dimensions

Materials: inks, paints, commercial papers, handmade papers, banana fibre, found objects, rayon

Technique: papermaking, paper collage, basketry, calligraphy

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Cead Mile Failte

Materials: wool and acrylic knitting yarns

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, intarsia, knitting

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sTREEtsCAPE (a cape for a street tree)

Materials: calico fabric, ribbons

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, applique, sewing

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