Knot the Flat Surface

Materials: aluminium wire, Nepalese Lokta paper

Technique: paper collage

Size: 7 pieces, each approx 35 cm diameter x 20 cm high

Description: Knots have intrigued people for thousands of years. As well as their unquestioned practical role in the progress of civilisation, they have inherent aesthetic appeal. These wire sculptures are all “prime” knots, each made from a continuous loop of wire. There is intrinsic beauty and magic in the variable shapes with their flexibility yet permanence.

There are seven distinct knots, because seven is a number with great mystical significance in many cultures, often signifying completeness and unity. 

The papers covering the wire frames are different colours, and this represents the full spectrum of endless possibilities which are available to us all, if only we can decipher the inter-linkages of available opportunities, and steer a path through the meanderings of life’s maze.

Selected for display in the Papermakers of Queensland “Not the Flat Surface” exhibition at Sunshine Coast University in 2009.

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