Mother Earth, Father Time

Materials: paper, yarns, hemp fabric, felt, cotton fabric, papers, ink 

Technique: papermaking, spinning, felting, calligraphy

Size: 60 x 80 x 80 cm

Description: The lives of traditional nomadic peoples were centred around the seasonal cycles. The passage of time and the productivity of the natural world were integral components of their existence. The lives of twenty-first century nomads are no longer dominated by Father Time and Mother Nature. For modern man, time seems to be always in short supply and our current lifestyles contribute greatly to the destruction of the natural habitat.

This three-dimensional work symbolises this deterioration. Modern nomads have easy access to travel, and virtually no need to consider the seasonal changes for their survival. As a consequence, man's harmonious relationship with time and nature has now disintegrated to the stage where many people no longer value the rhythm of time or the importance of nature. The spherical shape represents the archetypical earth, and the egg – a self-sufficient ecosystem isolated in space, and containing all the potential hope for the future as well as the blue-print for possible destruction.


Created in collaboration with Wendy Sonnenburg & Joyce Newell.
Selected for display in the Caloundra Arts Festival in 2003 and “Fibrefest” in Brisbane in 2005.


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