Imagine Peace

Materials: watercolour paper, inks 

Technique: calligraphy, origami

Size: 45 x 50 x 35 cm

Description: The words of the song “Imagine” written by John Lennon are lettered on an origami crane, a structure now recognised as a symbol for peace in the world. The words are written in overlapping layers in three different scripts (both formal and informal) to represent the numerous ways that people have rallied for peace over many years using numerous methods, some orthodox, some unconventional. The repetition of the verses represents the idea of a mantra, endlessly chanted to focus our thoughts on peace. Blue is often regarded as the colour which denotes spiritual, mystical and ethereal elements, so it seemed a perfect choice to symbolise our hopes and dreams for peace in our troubled world.

Selected for display in the “Birds – Flights of Fancy” exhibition at Pine Rivers Gallery in 2014.


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