Scattered Offerings

Materials: photographs printed on 120gsm white paper, paper made from banana, corn and ginger

Technique: papermaking, photography, origami

Size: variable – up to 3 square metres.

Description: This work was created following a trip to Bali. On many occasions we watched Balinese women and girls creating a variety of offerings (from leaves, flowers and found objects). This is a very important part of the preparation for the many Hindu festivals and special occasions. Once made, and scattered on the ground, or placed in a shrine, these offerings have served their purpose and so are abandoned. During our trip, I photographed many of these offerings, and used these, as well as squares of natural-fibre papers, to create a variety of origami shapes. This pays homage to the patience and skill of the Balinese girls who spend many hours fashioning these ephemeral tributes, and, for me, making them proved to be a truly meditative, reflective and relaxing experience.

Selected for display in the Papermakers of Queensland “Berbagi” exhibition at Sunshine Coast University in 2012.
Displayed in my “The Language of Nature I” solo exhibition at Richard Randall Studio in 2012.
Printed in “Paper Art: 261 International Artists” edited by Helene Tschacher for IAPMA in 2013.


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