The Inner Journey

Materials: waxed and dyed kozo paper, Japanese paper, ink, light box

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, calligraphy, dyeing, paper collage

Size: 19 x 30 (diameter) cm

Description: Our innermost beliefs and emotions are the guiding lights in our journey through life, as each of us struggles to understand the vagaries of this world. 

This light-sculpture represents the inner glow of the true self which shines out as a beacon proclaiming each person’s unique character and hidden attributes. The black tracery of letters reads ‘THE INNER JOURNEY’, and the coloured sections gleam with gems of wisdom to inspire nomadic pilgrims on the meandering path of life.

As the viewer moves, the sculpture is seen from different perspectives, and these altering light-patterns symbolise the glints of different facets of our personalities which are revealed as we traverse the constantly changing paths of our lives. 

Created in collaboration with Judy Barrass.
Displayed in my solo exhibitions “Colourful Language” at Gallery 119 in 2004 and at Gallery 159 in 2007, in “Undercurrents” at Art Factory Gallery in 2011 and in “Spectrum” at Gallery 159 in 2013.

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