Food for Thought

Materials: paper made from banana, corn, ginger and blady grass, string. 

Technique: papermaking, paper collage

Size: 30 x 30 x 10 cm

Description: This work was created following a trip to Bali. Experiencing many exotic foods was an exciting and enjoyable part of this trip to Bali. Intricately-wrapped parcels concealed a variety of delicacies to intrigue the imagination and tempt the palate. I have created replicas of these shapes in paper which I made from various fibres (including banana, corn, ginger and blady grass) and re-interpreted them as containers for the desirable qualities we should strive towards in our quest to partake of the fruits of contentment and fulfilment, and thus nurture our souls. The accompanying menu features images of the actual Balinese food on the left and my interpretation on the right.

Selected for display in the Papermakers of Queensland “Berbagi” exhibition at Sunshine Coast University in 2012 and in the “Food For Thought” exhibition at Gippsland Art Gallery in 2013.
Purchased by a private collector in Victoria.

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