Past – Present – Future

Materials: satin fabrics, embroidery cottons, ribbons, inks, beads

Technique:  cut-paper lettering design, calligraphy, embroidery, applique, beading, sewing

Size: 40 x 47 x 47 cm (closed); 4 x 95) x 95 cm (open)

Description: The future course of our lives is determined by what has gone before. Our past experiences affect our present actions, and these in turn influence forthcoming events. Just as an equilateral triangle can be divided into smaller versions of itself and assembled to form a pyramid, so the totality of our lives is composed of the sum of its parts – Past, Present and Future are all irrevocably tied together in a series of interconnected events. In life, the persona we reveal to the outside world is often quite different from our innermost personality. Some past actions and many hopes and fears are often kept hidden from others. Thus the outer sides of the pyramid (yellow, red, blue) are only one side of the picture, and when opened, other aspects of future, present and past (purple, orange, green) are revealed.

When both sides of each triangle are examined, and all sides of the pyramid are taken into account and seen as a whole, this duality creates a full spectrum, a complete life. Unification and continuity between the disparate colours of the three faces is enhanced because the lower side of the pyramid base is grey, and the words Past, Present and Future (in grey) creep up each face from this base, although  the words are outlined in variegated shades of grey to highlight the subtleties of life. The top edges of these words are linked by the black ribbon with multi-coloured outline. 

When opened, the black base is revealed, and the quotation embroidered in gold symbolises the glimmers of optimism in the depths of uncertainty, unifying our past present and future experiences.



Selected for display in the “Future Past” exhibition at Palm House Gallery, New South Wales in 2014, and included in the catalogue.

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