Winners Never Quit

Materials: satin fabrics, felt, embroidery cottons, inks

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, calligraphy, embroidery, machine appliqué, tied quilting, sewing

Size: 65 x 146 cm 


Description:  In times of hardship and despair, even if positive thoughts become relegated to the background, fragments of hope remain, forming the seeds to inspire us to overcome our current problems.

The overlying dark lettering “QUITTERS NEVER WIN … WINNERS NEVER QUIT” becomes a mantra which we need to keep repeating during times of stress.

This overlies a plethora of positive quotes about persevering and retaining hope, which, although partly obscured, are nevertheless still there, waiting to sustain and inspire us as we try to emerge from the depths of despair. These quotes are written on purple – the colour of higher thinking processes and inner spirituality. Seeds of hope (gold French knots) which are scattered throughout, and thin bands of gold outline the edges (the ‘cloud’s silver lining’).  

Making this quilt helped me recover from losing precious possessions, and sustained me during the lengthy cleanup following the 2011 Brisbane River flood.


Displayed in “State of the Art” which toured throughout Qld in 2011.
Exhibited in “Out of the Box:” in Sydney in 2014.


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