Number Nuances

Materials: inks, fabrics

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, calligraphy, machine appliqué, machine quilting

Size: 51 x 70 cm  

Description:  In many parts of the world people have needed a way to record numbers, and many different systems have been invented independently throughout human history.

Numbers shed light on almost all aspects of our lives, so yellow seemed the obvious colour choice to record some of these numerals. No two pieces of fabric are exactly the same, even though some may look similar, and this reflects the variations (and sometimes only very subtle differences) between some of the numbering systems.

These yellow patches of inspiration peep out from beneath the unifying words NUMBER NUANCES. Quotes about the importance of numbers are lettered in the borders, and each corner contains one mathematical operator (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) because these are essential tools in helping us utilise numbers to create order in our world.

Displayed in “State of the Art” which toured throughout Qld in 2012.


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