The Golden Age

Materials: fabric, inks, embroidery cottons, metallic crochet cottons, beads

Technique: lettering, embroidery, crochet, sewing, tying

Size: 60 x 45cm

Description: In some cultures senior citizens are valued as learned sages and important mentors who play an integral part in teaching and influencing the younger generations. Even if our own culture doesn’t hold older people in such high esteem, we, as individuals, can value and appreciate the golden moments that appear as glittering gems in our lives as we age.

This quilt features inspiring quotations about the benefits and joys of growing older.

Crochet flowers and leaves in golden yarns hang in cascades over a darker background which features an embroidered trail of words (from an unknown author)
          “… and with the ever passing years comes round the age of gold”.

Other embroidered quotes are also included:
          “Count your garden by the flowers, Never by the leaves that fall, Count your days by golden hours, Don't remember clouds at all”
          (unknown author)

and my own words:
          “We should treasure the golden gleams of happy memories in the autumn of our lives.”


Displayed in “State of the Art” which toured throughout Qld in 2015.


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