Maharajah’s Meander

Materials: felt, various synthetic fabrics 

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, machine appliqué, machine quilting, sewing

Size: 40 x 60 cm

Description: The words MAHARAJAH’S GARDEN were created as a ‘letter-lace’ design, cut from black felt, then appliquéd over a background of glitzy colourful fabrics.

This symbolises an exotic place of heightened awareness in which dreams come true and everything is possible. The viewer’s eye wanders down the Maharajah’s meandering paths, explores the hidden nooks and crannies, enjoys the explosions of colour, and pauses to meditate at the ends of the ‘dead-end’ paths. The glitzy fabrics create little vignettes in this phantasmagorical fantasy world of the Maharajah’s garden, enclosed by its sequined walls.


Exhibited in “Maharajah’s Garden” which toured throughout Australia in 2010.
Printed in “WordsWork”(ISBN 9780646542652) in  2010.
Displayed in “Out of the Box” in Sydney in 2014.
Displayed as the feature artist at The Slab Hut in Samford in 2015.


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