Naturally Speaking (Natural Progression)

Materials: aluminium wire, hand-made paper

Technique: papermaking, paper collage

Size: each up to 200 x 40 cm

Description: We must heed the cry of NATURE and practise CONSERVATION in order to preserve BIODIVERSITY and the delicate balance of ECOLOGY in the ENVIRONMENT. These liana-like tangles of interconnected letters are designed to heighten our awareness that humankind needs to urgently reconnect with the natural world. 

Paper made from natural fibres (Bromeliad, Blady grass, Spinifex, Crucifix orchid and Cyperus) cover each metal frame. This is in direct contrast to the reality of life in this modern industrial and technological age, in which our natural world is being smothered by the proliferation of metal and other non-living materials.


Exhibited in “Coverings” at Gallery 159, The Gap in 2007.
Exhibited in “New Paper Old Land” at Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Tasmania and printed in the catalogue in 2009 (one of 21 international artists selected).
Printed in “Somerset Studio” magazine (USA) in 2010.
Purchased by a private collector in Queensland

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