Spectrum of Humanity

Materials: fabrics, ink

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, calligraphy, machine quilting, sewing

Size: 50 x 70 cm  

Description: In an ideal unprejudiced society, people, with their own unique blend of personality, beliefs and talents, can be free to reach their fullest potential. They can then combine harmoniously with others to create a glorious spectrum of diversity.

Various quotes are written in the white borders. These describe the necessity to respect individual differences, blend complementary combinations, and revel in the harmony of the whole. The spectrum of humanity is a riotous blend of colour, creed and culture.

The two multicoloured fabrics in this quilt (the warm orange/reds and the cool green/blues) are very different, yet in the outer border they blend harmoniously to create a richer, more balanced whole (the full spectrum).  Also, individually-coloured scraps of these two fabrics have been melded to form the word SPECTRUM in the centre of the quilt, showing that each unique contribution, however small, has a vital part to play in completing the full picture.


Displayed in the Queensland Quilters Challenge at Brisbane Art & Craft Fair in 2005, then toured throughout Qld in 2006.
Exhibited in “Diversity on Display” in West End in 2007.
Displayed in my solo exhibition “Colourful Language” at Gallery 159 in 2007.
Displayed at Scattered Arts in 2008 and in “Undercurrents” at Art Factory Gallery in 2011.
Pictured in Textile Fibre Forum, and in the 6 page article in “Down Under Textiles”  in 2013.
Displayed in the “Spectrum” exhibition at Gallery 159,The Gap in 2013.
Displayed in “Atma Calligraphy” in Brisbane in 2014, and in”Interconnections” at Cathedral of St Stephen in 2014.
Displayed as the feature artist at The Slab Hut in Samford in 2015.  

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