Materials: embroidery threads, crushed velvet

Technique: embroidery, sewing

Size: each 175 x 20 cm

Description: These quilts depict the frequency sine curves for light, sound and brain waves - each is embroidered in a different stitch.


THOUGHT portrays the electrical activity of the brain. These are not true sine curves, but they have been standardised here to create aesthetic balance. Delta waves are large slow waves (2 Hz) associated with deep dreamless sleep. Theta waves (4 Hz) occur in dream sleep, drowsiness and times of quiet focus (meditation). Alpha waves (8 Hz) appear when we are relaxed, as in day¬dreaming, reflection and introspection. Beta waves (16 Hz) are associated with normal waking consciousness - the alert working mind. Gamma waves (32 Hz) are produced during times of high stimulation.
Each type of brain wave is embroidered (chain stitch) in a different colour-range of variegated thread.



SOUND shows the frequency of 'middle C' (261.626 Hz) and also the 'C' in the lower and higher octaves (130.813 Hz and 523.251 Hz) - which are respectively half and twice the frequency of 'middle C'.
Each different pitch is embroidered (couched) in a slightly-different shade of white pearlescent thread.


LIGHT depicts the frequency of seven colours of the visible spectrum.
Each colour covers a range of frequencies, but here a middle value has been used to create a pleasing mathematical relationship - Red (450 THz), Orange (500 THz), Yellow (550 THz), Green (600 THz), Cyan (650 THz), Blue (700 THz), Violet (750 THz).
Each frequency is embroidered (stem stitch) in perte cotton in its specific colour.


Displayed in the ““Undercurrents” exhibition at Art Factory Gallery in 2011.


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