Memory Trails

Materials: hemp paper string, paper ribbon, ink

Technique: lettering, crochet

Size: 100 x 40 x 40 cm


Description: As we grow older our lives branch in many directions and take multiple twists and turns. From each facet, like trails of leaves, our memories hang suspended. Each reminiscence is a knotted cluster of interwoven experiences and responses. Some are more prominent, others distorted, some shrivelled and almost forgotten. Whatever their form, these whispering ghosts from the past all play an important role in influencing our present behaviours.

Tendrils, featuring quotes about memories, are intertwined with two different types of leaves (in white). This symbolises the interconnections between our disparate recollections. Even though our memories may fade over time, they remain as significant fronds of influence in our daily lives.


Exhibited in “Into Paper” at Redcliffe City Art Gallery and printed in Textile Fibre Forum magazine in 2014.
Exhibited in “Into Paper” at Gympie Regional Gallery and Gallery 159 in 2015, and printed in the catalogue.
Printed in Textile Fibre Forum (issue 116) in 2015.

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