Flowers of Friendship

Materials: various materials (fabric, yarns, paper, metal, clay, plant fibres), gold ink, cotton fabric

Techniques: calligraphy, embroidery, appliqué, knitting, crochet, felting, patchwork, quilting, beading, weaving, pottery, dyeing, collage, painting, photography, paper art, fibre sculpture, papermaking

Size: 11 wall hangings each 180 cm long, 40 cm wide (total width 440 cm) 



Description: Tricia invited her friends (and their friends) to create a flower on a 10cm square of calico. 355 contributors from all over Australia, aged from 2 to 91 years, created 495 flowers in an amazing variety of materials, techniques and colours. Many of these wonderful people have suffered hardship and personal trauma, yet still participated.

The squares were sewn together, framed with strips of dark green sashing, on which the phrase ‘flowers of friendship’ was written several times in gold. The eleven hangings can be hung singly or as a group, and each hanging includes at least one square made by Tricia, signifying her connection to everyone involved in the project.

The corners of each square were secured to the backing with golden knots, symbolising the precious ties of friendship which bind us all together. The knots are frayed on the back to represent the stresses which unravel our lives, but are often kept hidden from even our closest friends.

The story of the construction and display of these hangings has been recorded in a handmade book, covered with paper incorporating leaves, and stitched with metallic thread. A commercially printed version of the book has now also been produced. 

Created as one of the collaborative projects during my 2012 Artist-in-Residency at Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha.
Exhibited in “The Language of Nature II” exhibition and “Floressence” at Mt Coot-tha (read more information about this in my Residency Blog).
Displayed at Saviours of the Lost Arts at City Hall, Inala, Hamilton and Northgate in 2013. Also at Botanique at Mt Coot-tha and various displays in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Rainbow Beach in 2013.
Exhibited at the Stitches and Craft Fair in Brisbane (and featured on the ABC TV weather report) and at Bribie Island Community Centre in 2014.

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