Wearable Art


What better way to show off work than wearing it!

Wearable Art allows me to explore my fascination with words in a textile, tactile format.

These are just some of the garments and accessories I have created.

Fashioned Foliage

tunic, headpiece, bracelet

Materials: Korean Hanji paper, Nepalese Lokta paper, manila hemp yarn, paper ribbon

Technique: crochet, knitting, paper manipulation

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Alice’s Amazing Coat of Quotes

tabard or cape

Materials: embroidery cottons, gold lurex fabric, metallic polyester fabric

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, appliqué, embroidery, sewing

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Tropical Profusion

tabard, head-piece, bracelet

Materials: cotton fabric, inks, embroidery cottons, wools, yarns, various fabrics

Technique: lettering, embroidery, knitting, crochet, felting, sewing

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Wearable Words


Materials: Nepalese Lokta paper, inks

Technique: lettering, sewing

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Wearable Art Vest


Materials: black satin fabric, various other fabrics

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, appliqué, sewing

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Speaking of Nature

tabard, headpiece, bracelet 

Materials: Nepalese Lokta paper, inks, photocopied lettering on card,

Technique: lettering, paper cutting, sponge painting

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Spin - Knit


Materials: hand-spun wool/angora 

Technique: lettering design, spinning, knitting, crochet appliqué

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S is for Scarf


Materials: crochet cottons, net

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, crochet, sewing

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Flower Collar


Materials: crochet cotton

Technique:  dimensional crochet

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Random Numbers


Materials: mohair/acrylic yarns, satin fabric

Technique: crochet, sewing

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Purple Masquerade


Materials: paper, beads, feathers 

Technique: paper collage, lettering

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P-S Coat


Materials: silk fabric, velvet fabric, embroidery cottons, beads

Technique: lettering design, painting, beading, embroidery, sewing

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Warm Fuzzy Feeling


Materials: acrylic yarn, ink, fabric

Technique: knitting, dyeing, lettering

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Mystery of Life

stole or drape

Materials: black satin, various other fabrics

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, appliqué, sewing

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Logo Brooch


Materials: yellow gold, white gold, diamonds

Technique: Tricia’s lettering design (made by a jeweller)

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I Shall Wear Purple


Materials: wools and acrylic yarns

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, intarsia knitting

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Freeform Collar


Materials: commercial wool, cotton and synthetic yarns

Technique: knitting, crochet

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Voyages of Imagination & Flights of Fancy


Materials: embroidery cottons, beads, satin fabric

Technique: lettering design, embroidery, beading, sewing

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Coral Concoction


Materials: wool and acrylic knitting yarns

Technique: crochet

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Colourful Language


Materials: embroidery cottons, cotton voile fabric

Technique: embroidery, sewing

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Materials: cotton fabric

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, painting, lino-block printing, sewing

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A Thing of Beauty

scarf or drape

Materials: silk

Technique: cut-paper lettering design, painting 

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