Voyages of Imagination & Flights of Fancy


Materials: embroidery cottons, beads, satin fabric

Technique: lettering design, embroidery, beading, sewing

Size: 220 x 17cm

Description: This shawl features quotes about making adventurous choices and sailing uncharted waters. These are written in curving waves of undulating colour to symbolise the ebb and flow of creative ideas, and the twists and turns of life’s journey.

The expressions ‘Voyages of Imagination’ and ‘Flights of Fancy’ conjure images of mystical experiences, as well as dreams of possibilities and longings, so lustrous satin fabric seemed an appropriate choice for the background.

The fabric and embroidery are in shades of purple. This is the colour of spiritual awareness, mystery and deeper consciousness, and is also my favourite colour.

Multi-hued shiny beads further reinforce this concept of a sumptuous surreal dream-world, where anything is possible, and we are limited only by our fears and phobias. Strings of beads adorn each end of the shawl. Amidst the rippling wisdom of the embroidered quotations, the words “Flights of Fancy” (pink side) and “Voyages of Imagination” (purple side) are spelled out in beads.

Displayed in the ATASDA “Voyages of Imagination” exhibition at The Palm House, New South Wales in 2010, 
Modelled at the Cathedral of St Stephen fashion parade in 2010.
Displayed in “Undercurrents” at Art Factory Gallery in 2011.
Modelled in the “Icon” fashion parade at Springfield in 2013. 
Displayed in the “Atma Calligraphy in Brisbane” exhibition in 2014.
Displayed as the feature artist at The Slab Hut in Samford in 2015.



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