Purple Masquerade


Materials: paper, beads, feathers 

Technique: paper collage, lettering

Size: 30 x 20 cm

Description: As part of the 35th anniversary exhibition “Exotica” ATASDA members were invited to create a mask which was ‘flamboyant, frivolous, vibrant, eye-catching, colourful and exotic’! 

I love the colour purple, and so I decorated my mask to reflect the exotic personality I wish I could have!

As well as beads and feathers, I included some words: “Our social lives are colourful masquerades crafted to protect our secret inner selves”.



Displayed in the ATASDA “Exotica” exhibition which toured throughout Australia in 2009.
Modelled at the “Icon” fashion parade at Springfield in 2013.
Displayed as the feature artist at The Slab Hut in Samford in 2015.  


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