Speaking of Nature

tabard, headpiece, bracelet 

Materials: Nepalese Lokta paper, inks, photocopied lettering on card,

Technique: lettering, paper cutting, sponge painting

Size: 100 x 45 x 30 cm

Description: This garment makes a statement (both visually and verbally) about the beauty and wonder of the natural world, the fragility of our environment, and the urgent need to preserve our lands for future generations.

Strings of paper leaves hang from the shoulders and neckline.

One side of each leaf shapes contains a poignant quote about nature. The hand-lettering has been scanned and printed on thin card, which has then been hand-coloured and stamped with images of leaves. The other side of each leaf is natural-fibre ‘mango leaf’ paper, made by an ‘unknown hand’ somewhere else in our world.

Thus, in this garment, I have linked various artists (papermakers and writers from the past and present) to symbolise the way we can all work together, and to portray the hope that the nations of the world can unite to preserve the natural environment, and secure the future of our planet.


Selected for the ”Paper on Skin” fashion parade and exhibition at Burnie, Tasmania in  2014.
Exhibiuted at the Jeunju Hanji International Fashion Show in Korea in 2015.



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