Calligraphy & Lettering

I offer a wide range of classes in lettering and calligraphy for both new and experienced students.

Italic Calligraphy and Handwriting classes are especially popular. 

A class in Italic Calligraphy & Layout is currently scheduled for later this year (see below).

For other classes, contact Tricia to organise a class time and venue, or to add your name to a waiting list.


Here's a chance to see what the art of calligraphy is all about. You'll be able to see lots of possibilities for using both traditional and contemporary letterforms and also have a chance to practice using a calligraphy pen.


Italic is a versatile, elegant style of lettering perfect for writing poems, certificates and invitations, and for adding a special touch to your journals and artist books. As well as learning the basic Italic and Roman lettering, and the spacing of letters and words, you will be shown how to create interesting variations, and how to flourish. You will also have the chance to experiment with a wide variety of calligraphy tools. The course also includes a segment on the history of calligraphy, and you learn about the development and characteristics of many of the different scripts of the western world. Comprehensive notes and a calligraphy pen are included.
Suitable for complete beginners as well as those wishing to refine their calligraphy skills.
This 12 hour class can be structured as six 2 hour sessions, or four 3 hour sessions, or two 6 hour sessions.

This class (combined with Layout & Design) will be taught at Tarragindi in 2021.

Dates:  23 & 30 May & 6 & 13 June 2021 (4 Sunday afternoons), 1 – 5.30pm
Venue: Wellers Hill Hub, 140 Weller Road, Tarragindi (contact Tricia for detailed instructions on finding the venue)
Cost: $250 includes all materials (calligraphy felt pen, supplies and instructions)
Bookings: contact Tricia or through Eventbrite ($256.04) 



As per the class described above, but a much shorter course which does not include Flourishing, Italic Variations, History of Scripts, or Experimenting with Pens segments. Comprehensive notes and a calligraphy pen are included.
This 6 hour class can be structured as three 2 hour sessions, or two 3 hour sessions, or one 6 hour session.


Well-planned layout is just as important as nicely-formed letters. In this class students will be shown useful techniques for creating pleasing designs. These would be suitable for invitations, certificates, Christmas cards, etc. as well as for writing out quotes and poems. You can bring your own texts and ideas to work on,  or use what’s provided. The class includes a discussion about Colour and about Borders. More innovative approaches for creative lettering designs will be covered for students who would like to use their calligraphy in expressive art works. Comprehensive notes are included.
NB Students in this class should have knowledge of at least one calligraphic style - no letterforms as such will be taught on this day. Bring a notebook to record new ideas, and any examples or queries you wish to discuss.
This 4 hour class can be structured as two 2 hour sessions, or one 4 hour session.


Give a new twist to your artwork! In this workshop you will be shown a range of different techniques for creating innovative designs based on letters, words, symbols or numbers. The message expressed by the words is subtly concealed in the stunning patterns created when the cut-letters are placed on backgrounds of contrasting colours and textures.
You will create several unique patterns which are then ready to use later in your future projects. You can choose whether your message is very legible or more abstract, and we will discuss how to transfer the designs into your chosen medium (appliqué, embroidery, clay, paper, tapestry, knitting, crochet, weaving, silk painting, etc). No previous training in calligraphy or lettering is necessary, just the desire to express yourself creatively using letterforms! Comprehensive notes are included.Bring paper, cardboard, pencils, pins, tape (specific list available on request) or all materials supplied for $10 fee.
This 12 hour class can be structured as four 3 hour sessions, or two 6 hour sessions. If required it can be condensed into a 6 hour class, but this doesn’t allow much time for student participation and experimentation.


Being able to write so that others can read it easily is a real asset. Learn skills to help you improve the legibility of your handwriting while still writing at speed. You can choose whether to work on improving your own style or learn the italic style which is now taught in Queensland schools.
The length of the class is variable, depending on individual requirements.
Bring paper, pencil, samples of your current handwriting.


This class is designed for those who have already completed an introductory class in Italic. As well as fine-tuning the letterforms, you will explore with different flourishing techniques (adding decorative touches to letters) and you will experiment with several Italic variations. This allows you to create your own unique style, and to know how to vary the letterforms to suit particular projects. Level of experience: intermediate or advanced.
This 6 hour class can be structured as three 2 hour sessions, or two 3 hour sessions, or one 6 hour session.
Bring your own fountain pens or dip pens with a wide variety of nib sizes (preferably ranging from very narrow up to 3mm or larger), ink, water bottle for rinsing pens, old towel, A3 paper (e.g. photocopy paper, bond paper), guidelines ruled to suit your nib sizes (or a pencil and ruler), slope board (optional).


Black letter and its variations were important scripts in medieval times, and remain popular today for creating impressive documents. Comprehensive notes and a calligraphy pen are included.
This 6 hour class can be structured as three 2 hour sessions, or two 3 hour sessions, or one 6 hour session.


This easy-to-read ‘printing’ style is an elegant script in its own right, as well as an excellent basis for learning other styles of lettering. Its origins date from Renaissance times and it was revived in the early 20th century as a teaching tool. Comprehensive notes and a calligraphy pen are included.
This 6 hour class can be structured as three 2 hour sessions, or two 3 hour sessions, or one 6 hour session.


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