Classes for Children


I am a registered teacher (BA, BSc, Grad Dip Art Education) and I hold a current Blue Card (Suitability to Work with Children).

I have been teaching children of all ages for over 40 years, in schools, council libraries and community venues.

I tailor classes specifically to suit the individual requirements of each school or venue.

•  ages of the children
•  length of time available (from 30 minutes,  up to 3 hours or longer ...  as individual sessions or as an on-going course)
•  ability levels of the children

Many of these classes are cross-disciplinary, and fit well into many areas of the curriculum.
I can provide comprehensive notes to accompany most classes.

I’m happy to discuss any details with you, perhaps on a Staff Development Day.
Please consider allocating some of your next Budget funding for artist books classes, handwriting/calligraphy classes, paper-craft classes and/or resource materials.


As well as teaching, I enjoy designing and making classroom resources including charts, games, badges and bookplates.

As an Educational Consultant for the State Library of Queensland, I wrote the Children’s Trail and Teacher Notes for the “Freestyle Books” exhibition

My specially-designed classes for children include:

  • ARTISTS’ BOOKS (various classes available)
  • GIFT CARDS (various classes available)
  • GIFT BOXES (various classes available)
  • PAPERCRAFTS (various classes available, including origami, quilling, etc)
  • PAPER DECORATING TECHNIQUES (various classes available)
  • CALLIGRAPHY (various classes available)

I also offer artist-in-residence programs, after-school and vacation classes, as well as teacher in-service sessions.


Costs of classes

I charge $70 (AU) per hour or $200 (AU) per half day or $400 (AU) per full day. There may be additional costs of materials for students, and also travelling expenses.

Contact Tricia to arrange a workshop for your school class or community venue.


For more detailed information about the classes, please look below under the various categories .... 

Paper & Textile Crafts

These classes (making cards and boxes, decorating paper, origami, quilling, etc) are suitable for children from year 2 right through to year 12.

They can be adapted into many curriculum areas, and designed to suit all ability levels.

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Making Artist Books

These classes can be tailored for both primary and secondary students.

Creative Bookmaking ties into many learning areas of the curriculum including maths, language and art strands.

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Lettering, Calligraphy & Design

Calligraphy (the art of beautiful writing) is a perfect adjunct to engage student interest in many subject areas, both primary and secondary.

Traditional letterforms can also be manipulated into intricate designs. 

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The style of handwriting taught in Qld schools was changed in 1984.

Children now learn Beginners’ Alphabet which progresses to Qld Modern Cursive. These classes are adapted for students of all ages.  Private classes for individual students are popular.

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After-school Classes, Vacation Classes and Residencies

Classes in Creative Books, Cards & Boxes, Calligraphy, Paper Decorating and Textile Crafts.

These (or any other specially-designed courses) can be individually tailored to suit the ages of the children and the venue.

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