The style of handwriting taught in Qld schools was changed in 1984.

Children now learn Beginners’ Alphabet which progresses to Qld Modern Cursive. These classes are adapted for students of all ages.  Private classes for individual students are popular.

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primary school students – years 1 – 4

Many teachers don’t feel confident teaching handwriting. These classes provide basic instruction or revision of Beginner’s Alphabet and Qld Modern Cursive, in which teachers can participate along with the students.


primary school students – years 5 - 6

This is a course of instruction which covers pattern making and revision of Queensland Modern Cursive letter formation.  The children then learn to use broad edged pens, and are taught calligraphic skills in the Italic and Roman Capital scripts (on which Q.M.C. is based).

By experimenting with alterations in slope, pen angle and pen width of broad edged pens, the students learn to create different effects. Other types of writing instruments, inks and papers can also used to produce calligraphic artwork.  Children can use their skills to create calligrams and letter art. A short history of writing in our own and other cultures, and the current trends in modern calligraphy can be included.  The course concludes with a study of the basic elements of good layout and design.

The purpose of the course is to improve handwriting skills and also to interest students in the artform of calligraphy, as well as to provide practical help in neat presentation, project cover design, etc. This course can be integrated into the language arts program, and used in conjunction with teaching certain genre - poetry, invitations, etc.

The course is taught over ten weeks in one-hour sessions. A condensed version can be offered as ten 30-minute sessions.

This class has been taught at Graceville and Taringa State Schools.

“Teachers in the upper school have seen this course to be an important part of their ELA Program.” Wendy Molloy, Deputy Principal, Graceville State School
“Tricia was always fully prepared with interesting and innovative work....Tricia’s lessons were designed to complement many aspects of the school curriculum.”  Val Matheson, Year 7 teacher, Graceville SS

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