Making Artist Books

Teachers & Teacher-Aides will really benefit from this multi-disciplinary class.

“Artists’ Books” was a Level 4 and 5 unit in the Visual Arts Strand of the previous school curriculum, and fits well into many units of the new revisions.

 “Tricia is a natural teacher and I am pleased to have had the opportunities to work with such a skilled artisan. Each item that Tricia teaches can be used by teachers as student activities in the classroom, either as an end-product of a unit of work or transferred into their life as a leisure pursuit.”  Mary Jane Smith, Robertson State School
“Trish Smout holds the distinction of being the only inservice provider invited back to our school through popular demand....Her workshop sessions were ideally suited to our primary school setting and were immediately applicable with minimal costs.....Trish is a highly qualified teacher and specialist in her field who delivers exceptional value for the inservice dollar.” Trevor McDonald, Deputy Principal, Pialba State School

In this enjoyable, hands-on workshop participants will be shown many different techniques for creating interesting books, journals and packages.

As well as for their own personal use, teachers will find they can incorporate these books in many and varied ways in the classroom in Visual arts, Language arts, Maths, SOSE, etc. 

Following a demonstration and discussion of each method, participants then make samples to keep.

The course can be tailored to suit each school's specific requirements, and the length of the session depends on how many techniques are covered (usually between 1 and 5 hours). For detailed descriptions of the possible techniques that can be included in the class, click on these links:
Folded Books
Stitched Books
Paper Crafts

The paper used in these books can be decorated imaginatively during Art lessons, and the added pages and inserts can be designed to suit specific themes and festivals.

The techniques used in constructing the booklets will reinforce concepts taught in Maths.

The booklets provide the perfect format for presentation of completed work in the different genres covered in English language arts, as well as complementing handwriting and calligraphy activities.

Gifted children can explore and devise many creative variations.  All the ideas can be easily adapted for children to display their projects and schoolwork.

In many different secondary school subject areas including Media Studies and Hospitality, artist books provide the perfect format for presentation of completed work.

This is an excellent workshop for schools to schedule on pupil-free days.

This course has been taught at Primary Arts Network conferences and at Catholic Area conferences, as well as In-service sessions at Oxlades and Pialba and Corinda State Schools.
Many individual teachers have participated in similar classes at other venues. 


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