Making Classroom Resources

Classroom learning is enhanced when students are presented with interesting handouts, charts and displays.

This  workshop provides lots of helpful hints and techniques.

“The course was very informative and will help tremendously in the preparation of resources for the school “. Comment from teacher aide after the course held at Redbank Plains State School
“Teachers will be interested in this class, as these techniques show promise as useful curriculum resources in Literacy and Numeracy, Trade and Business, Arts and also Media study areas.” Moira Cordiner, Curriculum Officer, Board of Senior Secondary School Studies

Many teachers receive inadequate training in the preparation of classroom resources. Even fewer teachers practise lettering and calligraphy, with any real understanding.  This course is specifically aimed at teachers and teacher-aides who want to increase their own knowledge of letterforms in order to produce eye catching classroom charts, photocopyable masters, creative classroom displays, or indeed cards and gifts.

Ideally the class is taught as a 5-10 hour unit, but can be reduced to 3 hours if necessary.

These courses have been taught at various state schools and at Catholic Schools Area Conferences.

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