Individual Gifts & Artworks

Create a unique gift for someone special.

Contact Tricia now to discuss your ideas for your own special gift or artwork in paper, fibre or fabric.

This could take the form of

  • framed calligraphy
  • wall hanging
  • book of memories
  • souvenir
  • almost anything you can imagine

Please note - the price varies with the complexity of the project.

This marriage proposal won approval from the girlfriend!

... and this Wishing Tree was  admired by wedding guests

 .... and  this framed piece delighted the recipient


 I can create unique, personalised designs for you

 .... like my shirt which says “Patricia” (written vertically, but partly obscured by my jacket)

.... and this brooch which I commissioned a jeweller to create from my hand-drawn logo (a PS design).

.... and another PS design I created, and then embroidered and beaded on my coat



Specially -designed hand-made books, certificates  or cards are always warmly received 


Alternatively you can select from Tricia's previously-created work - visit the Gallery or Merchandise sections to see some examples.

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