Shifting Seasons

Three of my friends join me each year to exhibit our work at Richard Randall Art Studio.

The dates for our next exhibition are 22, 23 and 24 August in 2019.  Please come and visit us there.

Four Friends for all Reasons Celebrate Four Seasons

A collaborative exhibition of eclectic artworks by Sue Ford, Lyn Baxter, Karoline Cumming and Tricia Smout.

The beautiful handmade items, to admire & purchase, include wearables,  hangings, 3D artworks and gifts, in a range of mediums (textiles, fibres, yarns, fabrics, papers, mixed media) ..... see our images from our four previous exhibitions (below) which show the types of work that will be on display in 2019. 

Even though we have now completed our full sets of Four Seasons, we still plan to retain the name  "Shifting Seasons" as the exhibition title! 

Here's a summary to date .....

We held our first Shifting Seasons exhibition in August 2015.

We decided to each make a A2-sized artwork depicting one of four seasons.

These were featured on our 2015 invitation ...

Sue was Winter,
Karoline was Spring,
Tricia was Summer
and Lyn was Autumn.




These are some of the works we displayed and sold in 2015. 


These are some of the 'seasonal' pieces I created especially for our 2015 exhibition. 

Our second exhibition was in August 2016.

Each of us again created an A2-sized piece. This year Sue created Spring, Karoline created Summer, Tricia created Autumn and Lyn created Winter.

These pieces were featured on our invitation, which was again designed by the very talented Karoline.
She cleverly kept the format the same to provide continuity, but changed the background colour, and shape of the vignettes, so as to distinguish it from our 2015 invitation.

Originally we planned to hang our 2016 Four Seasons feature pieces on a different wall, but in the end we decided they looked better to hang directly below our 2015 pieces.

Here's the outside of the gallery, and the four of us ...

Here's how the gallery looked  inside ....


Our third exhibition was in August 2017.

This year we again worked on a seasonal feature piece ... Sue did Summer, Karoline did Autumn, Tricia did Winter and Lyn did Spring.

Karoline continued the tradition of including detailed images of these on our invitation, although we again changed the colours and the shape of the vignettes.

We each hung our three completed Seasons pieces in a row.

Our fourth exhibition was in July 2018.

This year we created the final piece to complete our Four Seasons!  .... Sue made Autumn, Karoline made Winter, Tricia made Spring and Lyn made Summer.

Karoline again excelled herself creating our invitation. 


This time, because we had now completed all four feature pieces, each artist hung their four seasons together as a group.

If a "diptych" is a two-part work of art, and a "triptych" is a three-part work, I guess we created "tetraptychs" or "quadriptychs"!



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