Moreton Bay Art Awards

These annual awards display work in 2D and 3D categories.

I have been selected as a finalist several times.

In 2016 my collage work "The Zen of Life" was selected as a finalist in the 2D category.

The ritual of drinking tea and also the contemplation of the wonderful colours that surround us add spice to our lives – sometimes aiding relaxation and meditation, and at other times producing joy and excitement.

To symbolise these varying emotions, shibori-folded, Procion-dyed tea bags are collaged on canvas in a radiating spectrum of colour. Kanzashi flowers are glued on top. This Japanese folding technique exemplifies the Zen philosophy.

The ribbon of black Japanese Unryushi paper meanders across the collage with a trail of expressive words:

The ritual of drinking tea, whether sipped quietly in solitary reverie or shared in celebration with family and friends, invigorates the body, refreshes the spirit and calms the mind. Similarly colour weaves its magic spell as it meanders through the channels of our daily experiences, enlivening and enriching even the most mundane of routines and creating moments of joy and exuberance, interspersed and balanced with meditative interludes, creating much-needed balm for the soul. These varying emotional responses find full expression in the amazing multi-hued riot of colours found in the thousands of flower species and their symbolism and varying uses for every conceivable occasion.


In 2014 my crochet sculpture "Coral Kaleidoscope" was selected as a finalist in the 3D category.

In 2013 my framed diptych "Paired Printings" was selected as a finalist in the 2D category.

In 2011 my "Creativity Cues" collage was selected as a finalist in the 2D category.

In 2010 my "Banishing the Blues" collage was selected as a finalist in the 2D category.



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