Lettering Books (the Alphabet, Typography & Calligraphy)

These books make excellent gifts for people who are fascinated with the alphabet and lettering in all shapes and forms 




Size: 10 x 23 cm

Materials & Technique: stab-stitched book with beads; computer-printed text and collaged images

Price: $40 (AU) + postage


Description: Each page of this book describes the historical development of one letter of our alphabet, from its earliest pictorial representation to its modern symbolic form.   Each page is also decorated with a symmetrical design based on that letter. I created these designs by mirroring and repeating the letter to produce a circular pattern. (The designs are the same as those used in the Alphabet Quilt and the Alphabet Box-Book )




Size: 7 x 21 cm

Materials & Technique: stab-stitched book with metal-type feature; computer-printed text on paper.

Price: $30 (AU) + postage 

Description: This book outlines the history of typography. The metal character tied to the front of this book is a brass mould, made in England a hundred years ago, for use in a lead line-casting machine made by Ludlow. This particular Ludlow machine was in use at the Fleet Printery in Brisbane in the early 20th century.



Christmas ABC

Size: 7 x 7 cm (closed)

Materials & Technique: maze book; hand-lettering printed on paper, Japanese paper cover

Price: $20 (AU) + postage

Description: This concertina maze book is created from a single sheet of paper. One side lists Christmas words starting with each letter of the alphabet.  The other side of each section has the words of a Christmas carol or seasonal song with that letter in the title or first line (I had to make up a verse for the letter Q!).  There are also stamped and punched Christmas images throughout.


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