This unique book makes an excellent gift for your discerning friends.
The concertina pages are intricately stitched with gold and silver threads. 


Size: 17 x 7 cm (closed), 17 x 30 cm (open)

Materials & Technique: stitched concertina book; hand-lettering printed on card and stitched with metallic threads; braids & pearlescent inks on the cover.

Price: $40 (AU) + postage

Description: This book contains some of my favourite poems about weaving. The verses of the poem written on the wider strips are interspersed with narrower sections each with an individual quote. One verse of the poem mentions gold and silver threads, so I featured this on the cover. Also the two colours of the concertina-folded strips are ‘woven’ together with gold and silver threads.
I wrote WEAVING on the cover in pearlescent acrylics. The lettering inside the book was handwritten then printed on parchment card.

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