Enjoy Ageing!

These books will add some enjoyment and humour to our lives as we grow older.
Keep one for yourself, or give one to a friend (or do both!)


Ageing Gracefully

Size: 10.5 x 15cm 

Materials & Technique: flag book; computer-printed text on paper

Price: $15 (AU) + postage

Description: This is a book for those who want to relish the experience of growing older. It contains many quotes and inspirational messages to inspire the reader to enjoy life’s journey. The inside pages are ‘flags’ attached to a concertina spine which allows the book to be displayed open so that many sections can be seen at first glance.


Red Hat Book

Size: 7 x 20 cm (closed)

Materials & Technique: concertina book; hand-lettering printed on paper, cut into shapes and hand-coloured

Price: $30 (AU) + postage

Description: This book makes an ideal gift for ladies in the Red Hat Society, as well as any other people who love Jenny Joseph’s poem “Warning”, and/or the colours purple and red. I have hand-lettered the poem and created this book with the pages shaped as ladies wearing the words in their dresses.
(Jenny Joseph’s poem is the mantra of the Red Hat Society, a social organization whose primary purpose is social interaction and bonding among older women).


An Unwelcome Visitor

Size: 10.5 x 15cm

Materials & Technique: stab-stitched book; computer-printed text on paper, coloured-paper spine with metallic thread ties

Price: $8 (AU) + postage

Description: This book is for those who enjoy a little bit of humour about potential ‘ageing issues’ … the old lady in this saga blames all her current problems on an unseen extra person living in her house!


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