Books to inspire you

Keep these books for yourself so you remember to make the most of each day, or gift them to friends.


Seize The Day

Size: 12 x 17cm

Materials & Technique: intricately-folded Nepalese paper cover; pamphlet-stitched book with printed hand-lettering, inserts and tasselled tags

Price: $30 (AU) + postage

Description: The Latin phrase CARPE DIEM has inspired people for thousands of years. It translates as SEIZE THE DAY. This book contains many quotes and inspirational messages designed to help the reader enjoy life to the full. Some of the pages are sewn into the folded packet as a book, and some of the texts are written on loose sheets and tags which can be framed or used as bookmarks. The quotes have been printed from hand-written originals.


Creativity Cues

Size: 7 x 7 cm

Materials & Technique: maze book; hand-lettering printed on paper, enclosed in Nepalese paper packet

Price: $6 (AU) + postage

Description: Inside this packet is a little booklet with 24 quotes to inspire you when you are feeling down and your creativity needs a boost.
You can choose to read the booklet page by page, or you can throw it randomly on the table and let it open where it will, revealing several pages at once. 

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