This is the ideal gift for anyone who appreciates music.
It comes in a range of colours to suit all tastes.



Size: 8 x 8 cm (closed) or up to 21 x 21 cm (open)

Materials & Technique: maze book; hand-lettering printed on paper, musical designs on both covers 

Price: $8 (AU) + postage







Description: This little booklet contains quotes about the importance of music in our lives. These insights have been penned by assorted people from various cultural backgrounds, and from several periods of history, noted for their artistic excellence.
Small musical designs have been inserted to signify the transition from one quotation to the next. This is reminiscent of the key changes, tempo variations and melodic interludes in a musical composition.
The book structure is a variation of a ‘maze book’ in which the paper has been cut to form a meandering path, reminiscent of the rhythmical nuances in music. When opened, the pages can be rearranged to produce different variations, just as the movements in a musical composition create different ambiences.
The covers of the books are made from Lokta paper form Nepal, a country noted for its mysticism and spiritual awareness, and these qualities are deeply in tune with the other-worldliness we experience when we listen to music.
The cyclical clef designs on the covers convey the feeling of interconnected harmonies, and the rise and fall of repeated rhythmic patterns in the never-ending cycle of life.

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