Christmas Cards

There are many different designs available ... check them out !

Size: some A6 (10.5 x 15cm), some are irregular shapes


Price: $5 (AU) + postage


Some cards are the traditional 'open fold" variety, albeit with interesting embellishments.
Others transform to become three-dimensional shapes.


these cards are variations on a 'triangular tree' theme,
all in red and white

these cards feature fabric collages,
some with the words "Season's Greetings"

this pentagon is a series of trees
which create a star shape when they fold down flat 

this card (left) features a star formed by overlying a copy of my Christmas collage (with the words joy/love/peace) on a gold triangle

this three-dimensional tree folds flat for posting!


this card can be displayed in a multitude of ways! this card opens to reveal interwoven stars  


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