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Make a distinctive statement by wearing these quirky earrings, brooches, necklaces, hairclips and scarves
... or give them to your friends as unique gifts!

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If you can't see anything that appeals to you, please contact Tricia with your suggestions of other wearables and accessories that I could make that might become popular additions to my range. 


Book Earrings

Make a distinctive statement by wearing books on your ears!

Price: $29 (AU) + postage

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Crochet Leaf Jewellery

Crocheted from paper string, these unique leaves are made in a range of designs including earrings, hat pins, hairclips, brooches, pendants and scarf clips.

Price: $15 (AU) + postage

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Book Brooches

Wear this really unique brooch or pendant when you want to make an impact.

Price: $29 (AU) + postage 

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Crochet Flower Brooches/Pendants

Brighten up any outfit with a lovely multi-layered flower brooch. Available in a range of colours and designs.

Price: $ 15 (AU) + postage

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These handy accessories add instant pizazz to any outfit. Keep one in reserve in your car or bag for unforeseen social engagements.

Price: $25 (AU) + postage

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Embroidered Flower and Leaf Jewellery

These unique embroidered flowers and leaves can be worn as brooches, scarf clasps or pendants. They are available in many different colours and designs.

Price: $15 (AU) + postage

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Crochet Jewellery

Add a pair of unique earrings or a coiled necklace/bracelet to your accessory collection. 

Price: earrings $15 (AU) + postage; necklace $25 (AU) + postage

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Paper Bead Earrings

Cute little coils of paper add an eye-catching statement to any outfit.

Price: $15 (AU) + postage

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Collage Brooches/Pendants

These gorgeous collages can be worn as brooches or pendants or scarf clips. Many colours available.

Price: $8 (AU) + postage

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Red Hat Jewellery

Wear this unique crochet hat as a brooch, clip it to a scarf clasp, or attach a chain or cord and wear it as a pendant.

Price: $15 (AU) + postage

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Badges & Nametags

Make a statement by wearing a humorous message, or make a name badge for each member of your club or group.

Price: from $1 each(AU) for a name on a card, or from $3 (AU) for circular badges + postage.

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Book Necklace

Always have a book with you at all times, by wearing this one around your neck.

Price: $12 (AU) + postage

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