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I am a practising multi-media artist and registered teacher based in Brisbane.

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I have enjoyed playing with paper and fabric since I was a little girl, and for more than 30 years I been attending workshops in calligraphy, embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, papermaking and felting. I love working with all types of textiles … fibres, paper, yarns and fabrics. The tactile qualities of the materials give me tremendous pleasure, and I also delight in playing with different colour combinations.

I learned calligraphy more than 30 years ago and thus began my love affair with lettering. As a practical way to use my lettering, I enjoy completing calligraphy commissions for clients, and I offer a personalised service to create unique, reasonably-priced hand-lettering for all occasions.

My ultimate ‘grande passion’ is creating larger artworks which incorporate meaningful text in an aesthetic manner – making designs based on letters, words, numbers, patterns and signs - which I then construct in a wide range of media, utilising many different techniques. These include paper folding, embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, knitting, crochet, tapestry, felting, paper collage, papier mâché, embossing, handmade papermaking, beading, silk painting, mixed media and ceramics. These ‘TEXTured’ patterns and designs range from legible text to abstract letterforms, and I incorporate them in wall hangings, artist books, sculptural work and wearable art.

Since 1986 my books, hangings, sculptures and wearable art have been in exhibitions in Australia and overseas. My work has been purchased by the State Library of Queensland and by private collectors and galleries in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Americas. I feel very honoured that my work has been published in several prestigious books and journals. I have studied with many internationally-renowned artists and I have won various awards.

I also make small books, fancy cards, gift boxes, paper jewellery and other merchandise I sell in galleries and craft shops throughout Australia.

I have taught a wide variety of classes to adults and school children for over 45 years and I get tremendous satisfaction from helping others learn new skills.

I’m a ‘craft groupie’ and currently belong to many different groups, and serve on several committees. These include The International Association of Hand Papermakers & Paper Artists, The Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association , Qld Arts Council, Flying Arts Inc, The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Qld Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists, Papermakers of Qld, Qld Quilters, Qld Embroiderers’ Guild, Qld Bookbinders Guild, Scattered Arts and  the Slab Hut Gallery.

My long-term goals included staging a solo exhibition and working as an Artist-in-Residence. These have now been achieved. Read more details about my exhibitions and also my 2012 Residency.

My future plans are to continue making new artworks for exhibitions and selling my merchandise. Ultimately i plan to stage a solo exhibition entitled “MathemARTical”.

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